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£400 Free from Microsoft – Perhaps Not – 23rd April 2016

When large (or in this cause absolutely enourmous) companies offer £400 worth of free stuff to new businesses people trust and believe in the value of the word. Let’s face it, companies have been using freebies and free stuff as a way to entice visitors to their site for over a decade – it’s why we as consumers have much better choice and much better deals.

£400 free stuff from Microsoft sounds like they are giving back for all the World has given to them. That was the view too from PC Pro until they examined this £400 worth of freebies and found out exactly what was being given away.

Apparently it’s a combination of a free 90 day trial of a CRM product, some seminars, £30 worth of advertising on Bing and a 30 day trial of another product. Altogether worth a staggering £400 – when really to most small businesses it’s probably worth the £30 for the free advertising – although who hasn’t received a voucher through their door offering free advertising for new members to both Bing and Adwords.

Many companies, such as Microsoft, do a lot behind the scenes – but it never fails to shock when top marketing execs seem to think they can fluff up offers and free stuff and the public are just so stupid they’ll fall for it. They aren’t and they won’t. Call a widget a widget – nice offer but there’s fluff and there’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Best Free Stuff (PC based) for 2016 – 17th April 2017

When a website such as PC World decides to shout about the Best Free Stuff in 2011 it’s very clear whoever is going to read it is in for a treat.

Have to say some on this list are everyday household names such as Last.FM but there are also some hidden gems. It’s amazing really years back a software collection such as this would have set you back thousands of pounds. The power and technology we have today, and much for free, really is truly amazing. There’s an iPhone App which on on screen shows you streaming web cams – that you can actually control across the World on your phone. On one screen I could see streaming live videos of 6 different countries. I can’t remember if this was a free app or one that only costs £0.59 or £1.19 but it doesn’t really matter.

To have such a controllable window to the World in the palm of your hand for such a low cost – minus the expense of the iPhone of course (although if you have a few friends or website with some visitors you could also get a free iPhone – tried, tested and successful site by us at FreebiesNow) – is incredible.

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